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It’s a delight to introduce “Stone@” a one step destination for all your stone requirements. “Stone@“a natural material is a timeless one and which is found all over the earth. In primitive time our ancestors used stone to make their tool to .With stones we can evoke a highly stylized theme or a simple art at home or whereves you like.

Stone@ provides  a large collection of elegant and durable stone art materials like Stone Furnitures, Religious Stone Products, Pebbels, Laying Stones and Natural Cladding Stones  all over Kerala, which makes your interior and exterior beautiful. Natural stone for your home or official space is an investment that will give you many years of beautiful service.

We carry an extensive and unique selection of many types of natural stone which will provide you the best possible products at reasonable price as it is manufacturing in our own factory. Simple care and maintenance will help to preserve your stones beauty for generation to come. We pride our selves on quality products with great customer service and emphasize on providing high quality stone work.



All of our products are undergoing the high quality checkups during the manufacturing and delivery time.



Wholesale and Retail Distributor of Natural Stone Product Across Kerala, we will also doing the Gardening and Landscaping Jobs



Provide good quality and original natural stone products to customers for an affordable price.